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We sing a song at camp that begins “in my weakness, you always make me strong.”   The promise that God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9) encourages me to face that which I feel ill-prepared for and to do that which I could never imagine possible.   A small band of the people God began the task of rebuilding Jerusalem and the temple.  It should be no surprise that they were opposed by the enemies of God.  However, their own people were of no encouragement to them either.  A messenger from the Lord brought words of promise and encouragement. 

For who has despised the day of small things?”  Zechariah 4:10

Another translation of this phrase might be “So, where are those folks that said that this cannot be done and who are you to think that you can do it?”   The temple would stand as testimony to the power of God.  God used those that were willing and made them able to do what others thought impossible. 

We just completed our summer staff roster for 2012. One thing that I have learned in my tenure at Camp Horizon is that the Lord often works by taking the willing and making them able.  I have seen the Lord turn an ugly duckling into a swan.  I have seen the Lord give a timid new believer bold faith and an insatiable desire to win souls for Christ.   I have seen hearts and lives changed (and not just the campers).  Our staff application process does not focus on ability but availability.  The souls that come to faith in Jesus Christ this summer will stand as testimony to the power of God as He builds His Temple (the Body of Christ), the habitation of His Spirit, a light unto the world! That is why I expect great things this summer.