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Two great miracles are that the Eternal Son of God became mortal to die for us, and that ‘this mortal shall put on immortality’ through faith in Jesus. 1 Cor 15:54

Tina passed quietly into the eternal presence of her Savior early this morning while in the loving arms of her adoring husband, Allan

This may not have been the miracle that we had prayed for, but perhaps Tina’s miracle will be that her faith will bring others to believe and to be saved. Are you her miracle?

The family continues to be blessed by the outpouring of love and support from you. Services or memorial plans will be reported to you when they are finalized. Keep praying for the family and for those that will believe on her account.



Update (Wednesday 3/11/2021)

Tina remains in critical condition.

The family asks that you all continue to pray for “Tina’s Miracle”

(6) Prayer Meeting Sunday 3/7/2021 6:00 MST / 7:00 CST / 8:00 EST

Update (Sunday 3/7)

Tina returned to the hospital on Saturday with another series of brain bleeds.

They took her to surgery to relieve the pressure from the bleeding.

She is now in ICU in critcal condition.

Allan as been with her and is waiting to hear from the doctors.

That is all that we know as of 6:00PM MST

Earlier reports (Thursday) were promising…

First round of chemotherapy was completed.

An excellent score on a test that was done to determine if the treatment plan will be successful.

Tina said that at least 100 people were not able to receive their medications because of the weather in Texas. She was one of the few that were able to get her treatment. Tina was excited about this miracle.

(5) Prayer Meeting Sunday 2/28/2021 (with Tina)
Once again the prayer team was summoned to pray for a miracle. Tina wants to live to see her grandchildren grow. However, she also wants to be in the will of The Lord. If The Lord heals her, that is great! If The Lord takes her home, that is great too! She has placed herself in His hands.

After the prayer alert was sent, we were notified that Tina’s BP was stable without IV meds and she was released this afternoon (Sunday) so that she can schedule her treatments early this week (see #3 on this prayer list), and she was able to join us for this prayer meeting. Thanks to all that joined!

  1. Pray for a miracle that God will spare/prolong Tina’s life.
  2. Pray that there will be no more brain bleeds.
  3. Pray that Tina will be able to resume her treatments as soon as possible.
  4. Praise: Tina was released from hospital today (Sunday)!
  5. Praise: New headache med is working with less sedation (more awake).
  6. Praise: Tina is a testimony of God’s Grace to the medical / hospital staff.

(4) Saint Anthony’s Trauma Center
They took Tina to the hospital where all of her doctors practice. After a quick scan of her brain, it was determined that she had another brain bleed. The decision was made to transfer Tina to Saint Anthony’s Trauma Center for care. After a painful seven-minute helicopter ride, she was in the care of the Neuro Surgery Team at St. Anthony’s TC (Thursday – Sunday).

(3) Prayer Meeting #1
The last week of February, Tina asked for help getting together a prayer meeting so that her praying friends could get updated and pray intelligently. On Thursday, February 25, as at least twenty-five friends were gathered in a ZOOM meeting, (and waiting for Tina to join us), we received word that 911 had been called and Tina was on her way to the hospital. All we knew then was that she had severe head pain.

(2) North Carolina
Tina left the hospital to attend Margaret’s memorial service. A few days later she was back in the hospital and her family and some close friends gathered to help prepare for her transfer back to Colorado. She had issues with blood pressure. There was concern that she would bleed again. She had an additional diagnosis that complicated her care. Eventually, she was on an airplane to Colorado.

(1) The Beginning
The last week of January, 2021 Tina was in North Carolina caring for a dear friend, Margaret Winfrey. Tina woke up one morning with a headache and numbness in one arm. She was sleeping on mattress placed on the floor and it seemed that this may have been related to her sleep position.

The week after Margaret went to be with the Lord, Tina was active – emptying the apartment and preparing for the local memorial service. She called Margaret’s primary care doctor about her symptoms and soon found herself in Neuro ICU with a diagnosis of “Brain Bleed”.

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