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Assembly Care Ministries
This site is a resource to locate assemblies that meet simply in the Name of Jesus Christ and provides practical help to those in the service of Christ.

Chapel Audio Library
This began primarily to publish Camp Horizon audio and video. The scope has broadened to include a variety of individual and conference teaching (audio and/or video).

Gospel Talks – Resources for evangelism
This site is under development. The initial goal was to provide a site for children and those that work with children (Sunday School, evangelism, and camp work).

Malcolm Horlock’s Musings series
These are hosted on Voices For Christ.
Click here for an introduction to the series.

We Talk of Holy Things:  Christopher Jimenez Blog

Digital Sojourner



This is a great resource for evidences in four areas using the acronym MAPS.  Manuscript evidence that the Scriptures are authentic and reliable.  Archeological evidence that the Scriptures agree with other historical accounts.  Prophetic evidences that shows the Scriptures are reliable not only in recording history but predicting the future. And Scientific  evidence that shows how the Scriptures agree with the sciences.

RECORDED MESSAGES – Central Bible Chapel (Odessa, Florida)

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